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Zherisia (Pronounced: zair-ISS-i-a) was a small island of terror domain under the control of Lord Sodo.[1]


Zherisia was a grim domain rife with disease, poverty, hunger, and crime.[1]


Zherisia was originally a small land with the city of Paridon at its center, but after the Great Conjunction, the city became the whole of the domain.[1]

Flora & Fauna

As a city-domain, Zherisia had no native animals. Any plants were food grown in small gardens.[1]


The darklord of Zherisia was the doppelganger Lord Sodo. He did not rule openly; in fact, most of the people in his domain did not know who he was, but spoke about his crimes in hushed tones. He frequently committed grisly murders, normally with a surgical blade.[1]


When Lord Sodo sought to close the borders of his domain, the Mists sealed it at his desire.[1]


Following the Grand Conjunction, in 744 BC the domains of Zherisia and Timor merged to form the Zherisia cluster.[2]


Paridon was a large city inhabited by many people, who were divided into two social classes: those who had money and those who did not. Some of its inhabitants were lunatic murderers that stalked the streets.[1]



Hour of the Knife


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