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Wax golems were a type of golem, unique to the realm of Ravenloft, that were constructed from wax.


Wax golems were unique among their kind in that they could be made to resemble any individual. The level of likeness with the individual was often so uncanny that it was possible for a wax golem to replace their counterpart.


Wax golems possessed a sort of psychic link with those they resembled - upon awakening they immediately knew where their likeness was located. Upon tracking them down the wax golem would then absorb their memories, languages, abilities.

If a target managed to escape the golem in time they would have gaps in their memory and be prone to madness, but those who fell victim to its mind absorption abilities would fall comatose. The body of the victim would then need to be kept securely hidden, for if it died the life force animating the wax golem would cease to exist, leaving their bodies to begin softening and melting.

Wax golems were immune to damage from electricity, cold, and fire - though magical fire was capable of melting their form.


Unlike many golems, the wax golems were not designed with combat in mind. Rather, their purpose was to act as spies or supplant the people they were made to resemble. When forced to fight a wax golem would typically utilize the skills their likeness possessed.


Wax golems were generally known to be very cooperative with their creators. In some cases groups of wax golems would work together to infiltrate entire villages, towns, and even strongholds.

Wax golems were incredibly expensive to construct. The fine-quality wax that made up its body needed to be blended with the blood of a mimic, the dust of an obliviax, and the blood of a doppelganger.

Notable Wax Golems

  • Alexandre du Cire
  • Baron Descarte
  • Mister Question




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