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Drakov hails from the planet Krynn. In Thenol, Drakov headed a mercenary band known as the "Talon of the Hawk". Vlad was noted for his ruthless and brutal tactics. He worked for whoever paid him the most money, usually the evil fanatics of Hith. One evening long ago, Drakov's troupe was leaving the Conquered Lands after a session of looting and pillaging. A fog swelled from the ground as they rode, and the Mists carried Drakov and his men into Ravenloft, depositing them on the edge of Darkon, the domain of Azalin the lich. Drakov believed he had discovered a new land and set out to conquer a slice of it.

He was naive about the Demiplane's powers, however, and he underestimated the lich lord. Drakov began a campaign of terror. His talons sacked a small village, and he ordered a mass execution of those who resisted. He had them impaled on thick pikes.

Then the familiar spectacle changed. When the last victim died, the bodies turned into zombies.

Pulling themselves off the pikes, the creatures attacked Drakov's men. Additional creatures, all dead, began to swarm onto the scene from all sides. In desperation, the talons fled into the Mists.

A new domain opened up for Drakov, and he became its lord. He and his men settled in the new land and named it Falkovnia ("Realm of the Hawk").

Before Ravenloft took him in, Drakov was just a henchman, hired by rulers who looked down upon "his kind". Their insults burned him, for he, too, aspired to rule. The dark powers gave him what he sought - a position of ultimate leadership - but not what he truly desired: the respect of other rulers and the strength to instill fear and awe in them. His former masters were no longer present to appreciate his position, and Azalin of Darkon was so powerful that he looked down on Drakov just as Drakov's former employers had. The other nearby rulers were women and fops, not the powerful men of war Drakov wanted to be acknowledged by.

Vlad has tried to invade Darkon at least five times since he became the lord of his own domain, and every attempt has failed.

Drakov has also tried to conquer other domains bordering Falkovnia, but he has failed each time. The strength of the lords in their own domains make such conquests unrealistic.

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  • Drakov's name is a reference to Vlad Dracula
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