Strahd Von Zarovich, Strahd the XI, was allegedly the first Vampire and Darklord of the Ravenloft Barovia.

He originated on the Prime Material Planes. Son of Barov von Zarovich and Ravenia von Roeyen. He was the older brother of Sergei and Sturm.

After fighting a series of wars (an analog of the Crusades) on his planet of origin, he retired to the valley of Barovia and had a fortress named Castle Ravenloft (named after his mother) built, after which his brother Sergei came to live with him. Strahd's beloved Tatyana was in love with Sergei, so Strahd made a dark bargain with one of the powers in the Amber Temple. Strahd killed Sergei and Tatyana threw herself off Castle Ravenloft's overlook. Strahd was then cursed by his parents in the form that he would always be trapped in Barovia and not even death would relieve him of his curse. His guards turned on him and shot him with their arrows, but he did not die, he became a vampire, the first vampire.

He was taken from his planet of origin, and from the Prime Material Planes, by the Dark Powers, a copy was made of the Prime Material Barovia, and he became its Darklord.

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