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Lord Sodo was a Ravenloft doppelganger and darklord of Zherisia.[1][2]


His crime was killing and impersonating all the older doppelgangers in his tribe, up to killing and impersonating their leader.[1][2]


His curse was that, although granted the ability to assume any form, he had to change it every few seconds.[1][2]

He also had a strange lust for feeling emotions of terror but he also had a resurrection touch so anyone he murdered would come back to life and he would only experience the emotions for a brief second.[1][2]

The fang of the nosferatu was given to him as it could extract those feelings but he became so agitated when using it that he shifted so much that he couldn't use it. However, he found out that if gloves made of doppelganger skin were used by the murderer, the emotions would stay in the knife so he could experience them after someone was murdered with the knife by one of his agents.[1][2]

As a side perk, it granted thirteen years of invulnerability to the first person who touched it after six murders on six consecutive nights were committed. On the thirteenth cycle, the doppelganger who committed it betrayed him with the intention of getting the invulnerability himself.[1][2]



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