Feast of Goblyns is an adventure which takes the characters throughout the Southern Core.

Adventure Background[edit | edit source]

A powerful artifact called the Crown of Souls has an evil being trapped inside it, he gains strength from the deaths of his descendants but only one remains. Nevertheless, he still may have enough power to escape after her death. Meanwhile, Akriel Lukas (the daughter of Harkon Lukas) and her fiance Daclaud Heinfroth are scheming on using the crown to create a Goblyn army that can conquer Kartakass and Gundarak. But they need a group of heroes foolish enough to get it for them. (Namely the characters).

Cast of Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Akriel Lukas- daughter of Harkon Lukas and conspirator in stealing the crown
  • Daclaud Heinfroth- co-conspirator and Cerebral Vampire
  • Radaga- undead Priestess and descendant of Daglan
  • Daglan Daegon- evil sorcerer trapped inside the crown
  • Harkon Lukas- Greater Wolfwere and darklord of Kartakass
  • Duke Gundar- Darklord of Gundarak

Mapped Locations[edit | edit source]

New Monsters[edit | edit source]

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