Pidlwick II was an effigy of the great jester Pidlwick.

Concievement[edit | edit source]

After Duchess Dorfniya Dilisnya husband died in battle she wanted to marry Strahd and visited Castle Ravenloft with her fool Pidlwick. Although Pidlwick didn't amuse Strahd, he amused Sergei and Tatyana. allowing the duchess and her fool to visit Ravenloft any time they liked. Eager to please and desiring to return the courtesy, the duchess had an effigy of Pidlwick fashioned but he had none of the spirit as the original. Dilisnya died of illness and Pidlwick II knew that he couldn't compete with the real deal. Thus, the effigy pushed his namesake down the stairs to his death.

Pidlwick can be encountered on the top of one of Ravenloft's towers.

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