Madame Araby Tuvache was married off to a man named Renault Tuvache. She was attracted to his mysterious air, but he locked her in her room when he was away. She found solace in the library's books particularly one about clockmaking. One night when he had a ball she was locked in her room and watched as he danced with other women. However when the night grew late she saw him and his friends devour one of the lingering guests, revealing their true forms as Wererats. She later murdered Renault with a poison called Silver Mercurium.

Unfortunately, she soon ran into bankruptcy until in her basement she found the remains of dead adventurers and a nest of Giant Rats. She took the adventurers' fortune and used it and build a massive puppetworks inside the manor with the puppets being made out of corpses. She continues to lure heroes to their doom inside the manor.

If she is slain, her spirit will become a Greater Animator.