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This is a list of the Darklords of Ravenloft. It is currently incomplete.

Name Domain Derivation Crime Curse Image
Adam Lamordia Killed Victor Mordenheim's daughter and left his wife in a vegetative state out of jealousy. Unable to find acceptance, even his own domain rejects him.
Adam ravenloft.jpg
Alfred Timothy Verbrek Murdered an old Vistani crone after she saved him from being burnt at the stake for being a werewolf. Reverts back to his hated human form if he ever embraces his basest predator instincts.
Alfred Timothy.jpg
Althea Demise Consumed by loneliness as she wanders trapped in the labyrinth of her own domain, just as susceptible to the confusing illusions as its trespassers.
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Anton Misroi Souragne A vicious aristocratic plantation owner who found his wife in the arms of his neighbour. He threw them both into quicksand, but their zombies dragged him to his death and made him a Zombie Lord. Originally cursed to live with his lost humanity as an undead, he regained it through arcane power but is now cursed to be unable to venture past the borders of the swamp surrounding his home.
Anton Misroi 1.jpg
Arantor Monadhan Destroyed a refugee camp with his daughter - Imrissa - when they mistook it for a military encampment. When Imrissa decided to report it, Arantor murdered her to conceal the truth. Trapped in a dark reflection of the camp he destroyed, he is kept in undead torment by Imrissa's heart in his chest that whispers to him the names of those he's wrongfully killed.
Azalin Rex Darkon Greyhawk Executed his own son. Can't learn new magic.
Azalin rex.jpg
Anhktepot Har'Akir A tyrant in life who sought immortality. Ra granted his wish at the price that all he touched - even his beloved wife Nephyr - would die. Anhktepot blasphemously created undead servants until his former followers murder and mummified him. Can't be mortal or a great ruler, his two greatest wishes, as he is now a mummified undead and Har'Akir is a small and barren domain.
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Baron Urik von Kharkov Valacha A panther polymorphed into a human by the Red Wizard Morphayus. Kharkov fell in love with Morphayus' rival, Selena, and at their most vulnerable Morphayus temporarily lifted the enchantment so Kharkov tore his lover to shreds. Haunted by a strange mixture of human, animal and undead hungers and needs whilst living in fear of the Cat of Felkovic, an uncanny figurine that nearly slayed him once before.
Dod 045 urik.jpg
Baroness Ilsabet Obour Kislova Baroness of Blood (novel) Committed numerous seductions, betrayals and murders in the name of her revenge, culminating in her murder of the Sagesse the Seer who tried to warn her she would doom Kislova. Deprived of her revenge and loved ones, her husband Lord Peto returns to life - albeit paralyzed - each morning meaning she can never rule of her own accord.
Baroness of Blood.jpg
Bluebeard Blaustein Murdered his wives. Cannot marry any women native to Blaustein.
Boyar Gregor Zolnik Vorostokov After learning of the repeated unfaithfulness of his wife - Ireena Vladimir - he killed her, her family and her servants in a fit of rage. He cannot hunt or provide food for his people without committing cannibalism. Also, far from being the beloved hero he once was he is now widely hated.
Gregor Zolnik.jpg
Captain Alain Monette L'ile de la Tempete A cruel and violent privateer who brutally abused his crew even over minor offences. Eventually his crew mutinied against him and he was keelhauled, flogged and thrown overboard. He cannot escape far from the island or waters directly surrounding it, robbing of both of high seas adventure and the company of others.
Alain Monette.jpg
Captain Pieter van Riese Sea of Sorrows A ship's captain obsessed with finding a path from his homeland through the icy waters of the north to the exotic far east. He pushed his crew and ship to their doom and then offered the lives of himself and his crew to push them further, becoming ghosts. The shifting positions of the islands in the Sea of Sorrows make it impossible to navigate.
Pieter van Riese.jpg
Chardath Spulzeer Aggarath Murdered his sister - Marble Spulzeer - whilst possessed by the spirit of Kartak Spulzeer, allowing Kartak to revive as a lich. His shattered mind gives him little conscious direct control over his domain, instead dividing it into different facets of fragmented reality based on his memories.
Davion the Mad Davion Murdered adventurers who attempted to help him after a Wish spell caused Davion to share his body with three other people and suffer from split personalities. Davion fights his three other personalities - Narana, Boromar, and Augustus - for control of his body, their domain warping depending on who is in control.
Diamabel Pharazia Committed mass murder against all who did not follow his creed or religion, conducting horrible crusades in the name of divinity. Appears as a holy, angelic being by day but as an undead horror by night.
Doctor Alistair Weldon Riverbend Heaven's Bones (novel) A plantation owner that conducted illicit and brutal medical experiments on his slaves. His slaves rebelled and burnt down his house with him inside. Horrible loneliness and boredom, for besides the deformed husk of his wife and the ghost of the daughter, he is alone, served only by invisible, incomprehensible whispers that replace his former slaves.
Doctor Daclaud Heinfroth Dominia An alienist who conducted depraved experiments on the minds, bodies, and souls of his patients. Also abandonned Duke Gundar at a critical moment, allowing him to be slain by adventurers so he could take over Gundarak. Haunted by laughter that mocks him, claiming he will never find a cure for his family's hereditary madness and one day will succumb to it himself.
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Daglan Daegon Daglan Crafted the Crown of Souls for an evil warlord. Upon completion the warlord struck Daglan dead, but - having anticipated this betrayal - he had turned the crown in a Magic Jar which held his soul and let him possess all who wore it. His soul is trapped in the crown until all his bloodline are slain. The last one left was Radaga, who had to be twice slain as an undead.
Dominic d'Honaire Dementlieu Gaslighted his nanny as a child into committing suicide, he grew up to be a cunning politician who wove complex webs of deceit for amusement and became a puppet master to those around him. The more attracted he is to a woman the more repulsive she sees him.
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Duke Nharov Gundar Gundarak
Gabrielle Aderre Invidia Refused to save her mother from a werewolf attack until she told her the true identity of her father. When told he was a wealthy Falkovian who enslaved and raped her mother, Gabrielle rejected it as a lie and abandonned her mother to be eaten. Unable to personally harm anyone of Vistani blood.
Dod 053 aderre.jpg
Harkon Lukas Kartakass Forgotten Realms Rampaged across Cormyr after the wolfweres rejected him as their leader, killing humans until he became fascinated by them. Conspired to take over Cormyr as a grand ruler of humanity rather just feeding on their flesh. Can't switch human forms.
Hazlik Hazlan Forgotten Realms During his time as a Red Wizard of Thay he coveted Orliab, the lover of his rival necromancer Thantosya. They manipulated him into a trap and branded him with humiliating tattoos. He later escaped and tortured them both to death. Eternally haunted by visions of humiliation and defeat at the hands of his now inaccessible enemies.
Dod 068 hazlik.jpg
Lord Elder Brain Bluetspur A conglomeration of every dead ilithid, merged together and bearing the memories, psionic strength and crimes of every brain joined to it. Trapped within and can't leave briny pool. A vast intelligence robbed of the ability to experience to world around it.
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Lord Sodo Zherisia Killed and impersonated the elders in his doppelganger clan and murdered any youngsters who questioned him. Has no control over his constantly shifting appearance.
Lord Wilfred Godefroy Mordent Killed his wife, Estelle Weathermay, and daughter, Lilia Godefroy, then framed it as an accident. After a year of their ghostly vengeance he committed suicide but came back as a ghost himself. Haunted by wife and daughter's ghosts.
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Madame Radanavich Bleak House Kidnapped Dr. Rudolph van Richten's son, Erasmus, and sold him to the vampire Baron Metus. After being slain by van Richten her ghost imprisoned the souls of all van Richten's companions that fell because of his curse in Bleak House. To be a ghost and spent her undeath in eternal conflict with her hated enemy Dr. Rudolph van Richten.
Maligno Odiare Masque of the Red Death Drove his creator - the toymaker Guiseppe - mad and enslaved him to make more carionettes. He garnered the love and adoration of children whilst murdering all adults because they would not believe he was real. Can't possess Human bodies.
Malken Nova Vaasa Malken is the alter-ego of Sir Tristen Hiregaard and is the darklord of Nova Vaasa. The Hiregaard curse was laid by Tristen's mother upon his father, who murdered her when he erroneously believes himself to have been cuckolded. Tristen's father escaped through suicide, but the curse jumped on to Tristen. Sir Tristen is actively trying to fight the evil inside of him, seeking to rid himself of Malken and to curtail his rampages (over which he otherwise has no control).
Radaga Daglan Desired great beauty and control of legions of men. She obtained beauty by murdering women and obtained men by twisting them into undead or goblyns. Would rise as a hideous wight upon her death.
Strahd von Zarovich Barovia Killed his brother, Sergei von Zarovich. He is trapped in Barovia and even death cannot free him from it. Also, he can never truly possess the reincarnations of Tatyana, his brother's wife whom he's in love with.
Tristen ApBlanc Forlorn After murdering the druid Rual who raised him, he committed many crimes over hundreds of years known as the Time of Terrors. The unjust execution of the last of the ApFittle family was the seminal event that formed Forlorn. To live as a vampyre during the day and a ghost during the night.
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Tristessa Keening Banished to the surface with her newborn baby for unknown crimes where exposure to the sun killed them both. Constantly searching for her lost child which has driven her mad with grief.
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Vecna Cavitius Greyhawk A lich who plotted to obtain godhood and remake all Oerth in his image. Trapped in his demiplane and unable to continue any of his grand schemes.
Vlad Drakov Falkovnia Dragonlance Led "Talon of the Hawk" Mercenary band which committed mass executions, looting and pillaging. He will never have the respect of other rulers or powerful men of war nor the strength to instil fear and awe in them, cursed to be looked down upon by his rivals and surrounding Darklords.
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