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Kavan the Grim was a human vampire barbarian and a servant of Strahd von Zarovich at Castle Ravenloft.[1]


Kavan was a savage and ferocious thug who reveled in creating havoc. He especially enjoyed doing so in full daylight.[1]


Kavan possessed many of the abilities and aversions that were typical of vampires, though he was immune to the harmful rays of the sun.[1]


Kavan was known to wear a suit of masterwork chainmail armor and a pair of gauntlets of ogre power. He typically wielded a +1 bastard sword.[1]


Kavan was one of the first successes of Strahd's efforts to create a new strain of vampire minions, possibly even daywalkers, that would be capable of operating during daylight hours.[1]


Kavan served Strahd as an agent and spy. While his impulse for violence made him terrible at acting covertly, he could make an accurate assessment of a potential foe's fighting skills as a result. His standard tactic was to charge right in, fly into a rage, attack whoever was nearest, and battle on until his body was destroyed and he was forced to return in gaseous form to his crypt under Castle Ravenloft.[1]



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