Izek Strazni was the real brother of Ireena Kolyana and an enforcer of Baron Vargas Vallakovich.

Tragedy in the family[edit | edit source]

When he, his father, his sister, and his uncle went fishing on the way back his arm was bitten off by a Dire Wolf and his frightened sister ran into the woods. He learned to cope with his disability and the loss of his sister, but his parents died of broken hearts.

Working For Vallakovich and Fiendish Gift[edit | edit source]

Izek was bullied because of his lost arm, but he was easily able to kill them and hide their bodies. When the law found out, he was taken to Baron Vargas Vallakovich, who recognized his potential for violence and recruited him as an enforcer.

One day after waking up from a drunken stupor, Izek found out he had regrown an clawed arm that could conjure fire.

Obsession with Ireena[edit | edit source]

Izek experienced dreams with Ireena in them and had Gadof Blinsk make dolls that looked like her.

If she is taken to Vallaki, he will try to kidnap her.

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