Gundarak is a Domain ruled by Duke Nharov Gundar and indirectly by his monstrous son Medraut Gundar. It is a heavily forested domain located slightly to the southeast of the center of the core. After the Grand Conjunction, it was annexed by Barovia and Borca, their lands growing markedly. Ruled from Castle Hunadora, it is the quintessential terror state. Citizens are taxed heavily, including for the gathering of firewood, as well as for families upon the birth of a daughter, the reasoning being that females cannot work in the fields or other heavy labor; however Gundar "mercifully" allows the family a period of thirty years to make payment, the daughter being held in trust until then. Any infraction of his harsh laws, no matter how minor, results in a slow death upon trusses within villages and at and along the roadways.

Citizens end conversations with "Someday"; the full saying of "Someday we will be free." is never uttered in the presence of Gundar's "police", who are nothing more than poorly paid thugs and other naredowells.

The domain is featured most prominently in the novel Knight of the Black Rose and its sequel Specter of the Black Rose; it is mentioned in Tapestry of Dark Souls, as well as other novels in passing.

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