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Glass golems, also known as stained glass golems, were medium-sized constructs made from stained glass.[1][4]


Glass golems typically crafted to resembl a knight.[1][2][3]


Like many golems, glass golems possessed a general immunity to most magic. Though the material that made up their bodies also made glass golems one of the most vulnerable types of golem. Some were known to be especially vulnerable to the spell shatter,[2][3] as well as blessed hammers.[1][2][5] They could only be harmed by blunt weaponry with a +2 or greater enchantment.[2][3]

Due to being constructed of stained glass these golems would strobe and flicker any light that hit, reflecting them into an array of hues, and were capable of casting the spell prismatic spray.[2][3] When in direct sunlight, or the radius of daylight or a similar spell, glass golems would heal at an accelerated rate.[1]


No one knows for certain when the first glass golems came about, but it is believed that they were created by some spellcaster who fancied themselves an artist.[4] Others claimed that this spellcaster was the lord of an Island of Terror.


Glass golems were usually built into windows fashioned from the same glass they were constructed of, usually at a church or shrine. As a result they served as the building's guardian whenever the need arose.[1][2] The process of constructing them took over three months and would cost the creator around 100,000 gold pieces.

Notable Glass Golems[]

  • Lady of the Solemn Vows
  • Lumina
  • Glass Guardian: a glass golem who stood guard in the Malachite Palace under the guise of a painting.



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