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Darkon (pronounced: /ˈdɑːrkɒnDAR-kon) was one of the largest and arguably most powerful domains of the Core, making up roughly one-third of the continent. It was ruled by the darklord Azalin.


Darkon bordered both the Sea of Sorrows and the Nocturnal Sea.

Strange Phenomena

The most common form of occult wonder in Darkon was a dim phosphorescence that hovered above the ground where dead were buried, known locally as "gravelights." It was most commonly witnessed in the domain's large cemeteries, but also witnessed atop hills, fields, and often prior to storms.

On the night of the winter solstice, the domain's moon was never visible, regardless of its phase, which locals referred to as "Darkest Night."


In 579 BC, the domain of Darkon manifested into existence.[1]

In the autumn of 688 BC, a plague known as the Crimson Death originated in the Boglands and gradually spread throughout Darkon, devastating the population. Azalin would go on to institute a strict quarantine for the next three decades, killing any who defied his orders.

In 689 BC, Vlad Drakov appeared in the domain of Darkon and with a group of mercenaries swept through the land, massacring several villages. He was eventually driven off by the forces of Azalin.

Following the Grand Conjunction in 744 BC, the domain of Arak was absorbed into Darkon, though its drow inhabitants were nowhere to be found.

In 750 BC, an event that would come to be known as the Requiem occurred. At the stroke of midnight, on the night of "Darkest Night," Azalin activated his Doomsday Device in the heart of II Aluk. A wave of negative energy burst from the device and spread all across Darkon. Every living creature within a mile of the city died and reanimated, becoming the Slain, while Azalin himself merged with the domain. Throughout the realm the land and wildlife became warped by the energy.

Shortly after Azalin disappeared, Vlad Drakov attempted to invade the realm, but was pushed back by an army of the dead. In Azalin's absence six demilords rose to power, each claiming dominion over a single region of Darkon.


Darkon boasted the most diverse population in all of the Core.

Myths & Rumors

The Hour of Ascension, a legend well known throughout Darkon, spoke of a future day in which the deceased would rise from their graves and claim the domain for themselves. Almost everyone who lived in this domain was raised to believe in and fear this legend. When the Requiem occurred in 750 BC, many assumed that it was the Hour of Ascension.

Darkonian legends claimed that on their annual "Darkest Night" the realm of the dead was closely linked to the domain and legions of undead could cross over to walk across their land.



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