Blights are Monstrous plant creatures that are the legacy of the vampire Gulthias.

Origin Edit

When the vampire Gulthias was killed, the wooden stake that slew him was infused with his evil essence. Soon it grew into an evil sapling. A mad druid took it to an underground grotto where it grew into a large tree which its seeds were used to sow the first Blights.

In Curse of Strahd, a group of druids have an army of blights and have taken over the Wizard of Wines Winery and stolen one of its gems to use in a ritual on Yester Hill to bring the Tree Blight Wintersplinter to life.

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Blight Types: Edit

Twig Blights Edit

Twig Blights are small Blights that look like a jumble of twigs.

Needle Blights Edit

Shoot Needles at their enemies.

Vine Blights Edit


Vine Blights look a jumble of vines, they use their vines to try to entangle foes.

Tree Blights Edit

Tree Blights are the most monstrous Blights they are trees turned into Blights via a foul ritual.

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Blight Individuals Edit