The Amber Temple was a temple containing dark and forbidden lore and sarcophagi containing evil vestiges.


History Edit

The Amber Temple was founded by a society of good-aligned wizards to keep evil forces from getting to the evil lore. The Dark vestiges inside the sarcophagi corrupted the wizards, who turned against each other. Then the Archmage Exethanter came and used one of the dark gifts the vestiges offered to become a Lich. Rather then hoard the wealth of dark lore, he offered to share it with other evil beings and animated the wizards' skulls as Flameskulls.

Strahd Von Zarovich came to the temple accept the dark gift of the Vampyr and thus seeked to keep people from coming to it.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Exethanter- the lich in charge - He is currently somewhat amnesiac, even if cured he isn't hostile to the characters thinking they are seeking dark lore.
  • Neferon- the Arcanaloth in the statue's head
  • Flameskulls- These undead are the main guards.
  • Vilnius and Quasit- Vilnius is the apprentice of an evil wizard who died in the temple. He is a coward, but has a very valuable Control Amulet to a Shield Guardian.
  • Barovian Witches- These Barovian Witches are trying to get in one of the crypts by trying random passwords.
  • Amber Golems- Two Amber Golems guard the fortress- one in the treasury and one doing the rounds in a hall.